tirsdag, februar 17, 2009

Kvinders makeup tiltrækker 33% flere mænd

I.flg en artikel på PsyBlog (10 Feb. 2009), så tiltrækker kvinders makeup 33% flere mænd:

Women's Makeup Draws 33% More Men

Painting of the face and body has a history dating back at least 10,000 years. According to Pliny the Elder even 2,000 years ago the Romans were using natural products in ways we would instantly recognise: they had rouge, deodorants, hair dye, wrinkle removers, breath fresheners and much more.

Over the years those using cosmetics have attracted admiring glances from others for all sorts of reasons - including ritualistic and honorific - but often, especially in modern times, the context has been sexual. But does the application of these products make any difference to the way other people behave? While it might affect perceptions both positively and negatively, does it actually encourage others to make the first move?

Læs hele artiklen her: Women's Makeup Draws 33% More Men

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